How you can help

I have formed an initiative in request that the CCNE requires graduate nursing schools to find clinical sites for students. Also to ensure the quality and experience of clinical placement. To make this happen I need the support of NP’s and NP students. The more voices we have the more powerful this initiative becomes. Helping is easy.

Helping takes just two simple steps: subscribe and share.

You can literally do it all from this page in less than 1 minute! 


  1. Subscribe: this is one of the most important parts. This is for future request for signing petitions if needed and for updates on the status of this initiative.

Please subscribe to receive updates and request for political action (such as grassroot efforts)


2. Share: the more voices/people we are the louder we get. You can use tabs below or just copy and paste the link.

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  • Share with your nurse organization
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