How you can help

This initiative historically was an effort to request that the CCNE require graduate nursing schools to find clinical sites for students. The initiative has been successful. You can read about this success here, “We Did It“. Unfortunately, there are barriers to change which still exist as many graduate nursing programs are not meeting these quality indicators. Yet to ensure the quality of clinical experience the initiative remains as an advocate for higher level nursing education.

The initiative success is contributed to the many people that have supported us. Thus, to continue change efforts help is still needed. The initiative needs the help of the masses. Helping is easy! This is our profession, we intend to ensure the integrity of our profession is protected.

Helping takes just two simple steps: subscribe and share.

You can literally do it all from this page in less than 1 minute! 

  1. Subscribe: this is one of the most important parts. This is for future request for signing petitions if needed and for updates on the status of this initiative.

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2. Share: the more voices/people we are the louder we get. You can use tabs below or just copy and paste the link.

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